Chan Park and Regina Bruckner

Chan Park is writer, documentary film director, engineer, and tango dance instructor with expertise in many fields including university training in science and engineering, 20 years of engineering experience at NASA and patent law practice. For four years he lived in Buenos Aires, where he was able to immerse in the traditional Argentinean tango culture and is today recognized and appreciated as a dancer and teacher in the best milongas. In Buenos Aires he directed and produced his documentary film titled “Tango Your Life.” For years he has offered the workshop based on his concept of tango in more than 24 countries.

Regina Bruckner is Naturopath, Craniosacral therapist, Breathing and body therapist of Dürckheim (personal therapy), and Breathing therapist of AFA with her own practice since 1999.  She was introduced to Zen through the training of breathing therapy with Professor Michael von Brück in 1996. Then she has been under the guidance of Zen master Willigis Jäger since 2000.  In addition, she has made contact with Korean zen through instructions of Hyon Mook sunim since 2014.  Her personal tango journey began in 2006.  “Tango is a contstant practice of letting go in the moment and then making a direct contact with my partner for the sake of life, now, and joy.”