Tango Zen Workshop on Zoom

Tango Zen is a new way of meditating through dancing. During the Tango Zen Workshop via Zoom, the participants will learn to enjoy dancing Tango by repeatedly practicing a series of simple yet holistic exercises developed based on basic movements of Argentine Tango as well as the Zen principles.


In the end, the participants will enjoy the benefits of Tango dance and meditation including greater peace of mind, reduced stress, increased emotional well-being and self-compassion, enhanced creativity, boosted confidence and concentration, enriched social life and deeply satisfying feelings in life. 

The Tango Zen Workshop is open to anyone who desires to experience the Tango in its original form. Beginner dancers, who with curiosity open up to a dance experience. Experienced tango dancers, who would like to explore the simplicity and the depth of the dance. Tango dance is demonstrated in its original form, focusing on oneness, individuality, and intimacy rather than complicated figures.

Workshop Elements: The following topics will be covered during the workshop.

  • Embrace, music, and walk

  • Two bodies, one heart

  • The art of pause

  • Lead, follow, and surrender


Here are how the past Workshop participants described the Workshop:


“Meditative, calming, invigorating”

- Seok, London, UK


“The core message of the Workshop is for me that beautiful tango is possible with simple steps and on a small dance floor.”

- Hedyeh, Bern, Switzerland

“I LOVED the Workshop….it gave me SO much….the Walk,  the Embrace & The Energy is what Tango is all about…”

- Ulla, Sweden


“Soulful connection, harmony, awareness”

 - Barbara, Washington, DC, USA


Tango Zen Workshop: Walking, Dancing, and Meditating


Place: Online via Zoom


Date and Time:

Saturday, February 12th – Sunday, February, 13th 2022

Time:9:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:00 Central European Time (CET, GMT + 1), each day


Saturday, April 9th – Sunday, April, 10th 2022

Time:9:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:00 Eastern Daylight Time (EDT, GMT -5), each day


Note: Please pay attention to the time zone, either CET or EDT, of each Workshop. We will lead the Workshop mainly in English.  However, during the Workshop in February 2022, we will provide limited translations in German, French, and Italian.


Fee: €250 or US$280 per couple (Currently, registration can only be made by a couple who will participate in the Workshop together via Zoom.)

Workshop leaders: Chan Park and Regina Bruckner



You can start the registration process by clicking on this link:



Once you submit your registration form, we will send you an invoice to your email address. The registration will be completed once payment is made by a credit card or PayPal. Once registration is completed,  detailed class logistics, such as a Zoom link, will be sent to you by email.


The workshop will take place if a minimum number of participants of 7 couples are registered by two weeks before the workshop, e.g., Jan. 29th and Mar. 26th, respectively.