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Emotional Encounters: Dancing Through Joy and Sorrow in Tango, 04/05/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Emotional Encounters: Dancing Through Joy and Sorrow in Tango

I’ve had two emotional nights at milongas in Buenos Aires that have left me feeling both happy and sad. Buenos Aires is known for being a dynamic and unpredictable place, but one constant is the need to adapt to changes.

Despite hearing from friends that milongueros were disappearing, I was glad to have encountered two milongueros with whom I had no previous acquaintance.

However, it was a chance encounter with a lady at Lucy’s milonga at Gricel that brought up some memories of a milonguero I once admired, Raul “Pato” Capelli. They both appeared dancing with each other in my film. I couldn’t help but ask the lady if he had passed away, which sadly turned out to be true. The overwhelming sadness I felt made it hard to hold back my emotions.

But my mood quickly changed the following night at milonga El Maipu at Lo de Celia when I saw Pedra Sanchez. It was such a happy surprise to see him and we hugged and kissed like old friends. I also had the pleasure of seeing him dance, which was just as elegant and beautiful as I remembered. The joy I felt was almost overwhelming and I couldn’t help but wish him well.

These two nights have reminded me of the value of my friendships with the milongueros who have influenced my dancing. Tango has taught me to embrace change and flow with the music, never knowing who I might encounter or what emotions I might feel. But through it all, I cherish the moments and the people I meet on this journey, and I am grateful for the friendships that have enriched my tango experience.

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