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Two Milongas, One Night in Buenos Aires, 03/19/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Unplanned Adventures: Two Milongas, One Night in Buenos Aires

I had quite the adventure last night in Buenos Aires! As someone who used to live here for four years, going to more than one milonga a night was always a tourist thing to do. But as a tourist, I ended up hitting up two milongas in one night.

My plan was to go to Cachirulo to meet up with a friend I'd not seen or danced with since I arrived last week, L. But let me tell you, things didn't go as planned. Not only was I seated in a place where no one could see me because my pseudo membership expired years ago, but the milonga was full of new members that I didn't recognize. I believe organizers even failed to recognize me. And to top it off, L wasn't even there!

So, I left early and got a message from another friend, A, inviting me to the Milonga Malena*.

I used to come to this milonga every Saturday and Tuesday for four years. Should I renew my membership at Cachirulo? Probably not.

But the night didn't end there! As soon as I walked into Milonga Malena, I saw L with her partner and other friends. It was great to see them all in one place. The atmosphere was friendly and forgiving, so I even had the liberty to invite L and some other ladies to dance without cabeceo.

As usual, I watched Coca Cartery in admiration, who was dancing in a beautiful turquoise blouse. She was a joy to watch on the dance floor.

All in all, it was quite the night! Does anyone else have any interesting milonga experiences to share?

*Milonga Malena Organizers: Liliana, Malena y Jorge Rodriguez Saturday, 22:30 to 03:00 Salón Marabu | Maipú 365 - Buenos Aires

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