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Tango experience beyond words, 09/26/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Tango experience beyond words

The tango experience is a mystery, a dance beyond words. I have tried to describe it to others, but it is always incomplete.

After a profound tango experience, everyday life can seem dull in comparison. We yearn for the next dance, striving to keep ourselves sound and healthy to maximize the pleasure.

But what is it about tango that drives us so?

In 1998, I experienced a kind of awakening. While dancing, my mind escaped the limits of logic, transporting me to an entirely different realm. Upon finishing the tanda, I asked my partner, "Where was I?"

"You were here, dancing with me," she replied.

This deeply introspective and transcendental experience inspired me to continue my tango journey.

On many occasions, when I embrace my partner and close my eyes, I experience the opening of the glossal universe right in front of me. It happens with certain partners, and I love to dance with them.

When I dance vals, like Francia by Canaro, I always remember a lady who advised me, "Turn, turn, turn with vals." Sometimes, with certain partners, I turn so fast that we feel as if we're flying.

I love to dance to D'Arienzo, which often puts me in a state of meditation, flowing with the energy transmitted by the music. In fact, I almost named my documentary "Meditate with D'Arienzo" instead of "Tango Your Life." Music like El Flete or Ataniche by D'Arienzo drives me to produce a powerful thrust, as if my body would instantly dissolve into pure energy and penetrate my partner's.

And Pugliese? His voice is ringing in my ear. "How dare you move when I play? Just be!" His music, like La Yumba, inspires me to switch to a strong Yin, digging deep into the ground and breathing to feel and share the strong energy transmitting between me and my partner.

What about you? I'd love to hear your tango experience in words.

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