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Virtual Walking Dance Meditation

Start Your Online Tango Zen Classes!

Tango Zen

Tango Zen is a method through which one can meditate while walking and dancing. It helps dancers and non-dancers alike experience being mindful while walking and dancing.

Join the Online Tango Zen Classes as a single or a pair. Connect with your teacher and other like-minded students via Zoom. You’re ready to embrace, walk, and meditate.

For about an hour, we walk in silence and to various types of music. We walk alone or with a partner in an embrace. We also practice mindfulness exercises, tai chi, qigong, and basic Tango dance movements.

Are you a beginner dancer? The Classes will help you experience new dance possibilities. Are you an advanced tango dancer? The Classes will provide a way to explore the simplicity and depth of the dance

How the Online Classes work:

  • You choose which class you want to begin with, from our schedule below (all times are automatically displayed in your time zone).

  • We email you a link to join each class you book a space for shortly before class begins.

  • You click the link just before the class starts and enjoy a thoroughly immersive meditative experience.


Note: We will be adding new classes regularly. So if our current classes do not suit your time zone, please let us know where you're located and keep checking back as we aim to reach as many people as possible.

Tango Zen Workshop on location

Currently, we're offering the following Tango Zen Workshops:




Tango Zen workshop can be arranged to meet your needs.

If you would like to discuss possibilities of hosting a workshop in your area, please contact us.

TZ Workshop
TZ Wk Classes

Private Sessions: One-on-One
or Pair

A one-on-one private session with our instructor is an excellent way to get answers to your questions and advance your practice.


Tango Zen is originally a Pair walking meditation, a mindful meditation that can help you focus on the present moment. You walk with your partner while listening to music together, focusing on what you are experiencing at this moment.


All sessions are held via Zoom.



"The core message of the Workshop is for me that beautiful tango is possible with simple steps and on a small dance floor."

Hedyeh,  Bern, Switzerland

“Meditative, calming, invigorating”


Seok, London, UK

“I LOVED the Workshop….it gave me SO much….the Walk,  the Embrace & The Energy is what Tango is all about.…”


Ulla, Sweden

“Soulful connection, harmony, awareness”


Barbara, Washington, DC, USA

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