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Lead, follow, surrender

☯ Dancing tango is to lead, follow, and surrender. But to what do you surrender?

☯ Surrendering in tango means giving up control and letting the person in the lead guide you. In a tango dance, the leader decides where the dance goes and how fast it goes. The follower gives up control and trusts the leader to lead them through the dance.

🕉 This surrender has both a physical and an emotional component. The follower must let go of their own wants and plans and be in the moment, responding to the leader's movements and following their cues.

🕉 In the end, surrendering in tango means letting go of one's ego and ego-driven desires and letting oneself be fully present and engaged in the dance and the connection with one's partner. This is true for both the leader and the follower.

Tango Zen

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