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Interview with Chan Park

"I interviewed Chan Park, an expert of tango as the inner, meditative experience it can offer.

In his long tango career, Chan has been instructing "Tango Zen" around the world to help people focus more on the meditative experience of tango, that of connection with your partner, the embrace, the music and being mindful of what you are doing in the present.

Chan lived in Buenos Aires for four years to see if his ideas corresponded with the original source of tango there. He made a documentary about his experiences while dancing there almost every night. More info in the video description on YouTube. Chan, an Americanized Korean, currently lives in Switzerland and you can contact him if you are interested in hosting his workshops."

- Lucas Antonisse

TZ interview
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Are you interested to know what goes on in the Tango Zen workshop?  Here are some video clips from workshops in the past.

Tango Zen Workshop in Buenos Aires, May 2010

Tango Zen Workshop in Tuscany, Italy, April 2010

directed by Chan Park



In Buenos Aires, Tango is more than steps or fancy movements. Porteños, referring to the residents in Buenos Aires, describe tango as life danced on the floor. Chan Park, the author of a book titled Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation, has spent four years in Buenos Aires to discover that tango is about feeling, which is inspired by music and shared between partners connected through embrace while walking together in unison.


This documentary film tells his discovery of tango as culture, music, dance, friendship, love, and daily living in Buenos Aires, all of which have helped him discover his inner passion for life.

This DOCUMENTARY Film was released in 2012 and has been featured in film festivals and tango communities worldwide.

If you'd like to watch the entire film, please click below and send your email address.  Then it will lead you to the film.


Workshop in Bern 3.jpg

Tango Zen Workshop in Bern, Switzerland, June 2010

Chan explains in workshop BA.jpg

Tango Zen Workshop in Buenos Aires, May 2010

photo christing.jpg
Tuscany group photo.jpg

Tango Zen Workshop in Tuscany, Italy, April 2010

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