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Practice “dancing with heart.”

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Practice “dancing with heart.”

Are you tired of just going through the motions when you dance? Do you want to bring more meaning and connection to your tango? It's time to start dancing with heart.

To dance with heart means to connect with yourself, your partner, the music, and the environment around you. It's about opening yourself up and letting the dance flow through you.

But how do you practice dancing with heart? The answer is simple: shift your focus to your heart and chest area. This is the center of your energy and emotion, and by bringing your awareness to this area, you can start to feel more deeply and dance more authentically.

When you dance with heart, you're not just going through the steps, but rather communicating with your partner through your body movements. Listen to the music and let it guide you, and then express yourself through your dance.

Give it a try at your next milonga. Focus on your heart and chest area, and really feel the connection with your partner and the music. You'll be surprised at how much more authentic and meaningful your dance becomes.

Share your experience with us! We would love to hear how dancing with heart has changed your tango. Let's bring more heart and connection to the dance floor!

Tango Zen

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