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Embrace. Walk. Meditate.

Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation
Join the Online Tango Zen Classes as a single or a pair. Connect with your teacher and other like-minded students via Zoom. You’re ready to embrace, walk, and meditate.

Tango Zen

Tango Zen, as meditation in motion, represents an opportunity to experience the joy of dancing.

It is a process of meditating while dancing, allowing dancers and non-dancers alike to experience being present in the moment.

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Why Walking Dance Meditation?


We also know meditation can create balance, calmness, groundedness, centering, and harmony in mind and body.


However, it is difficult to meditate for many reasons. Meditation is mainly practiced while sitting with legs crossed to support and ground one’s body.


Unfortunately this sitting posture can create uncomfortable feelings and even pains before you benefit from the meditation practice. In addition, despite the importance of practicing meditation regularly, it can be difficult to stick to it with regularity due to the hectic life style we live every day.


Can one meditate while moving around instead of sitting down? Although it appears to be sedate and passive, meditation can also be practiced in more active ways than the sitting posture. Furthermore, one can meditate while dancing Tango, experiencing deeper appreciation of physical, emotional, and even spiritual aspects of inner-self. That is, one can practice Tango Zen: Walking Dance Meditation.


We’re here to help individuals and couples across the world by giving them the tools to find peace within themselves and cope with modern-day stressors.

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What we offer

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Live Tango Zen Classes

Connect with your teacher and other like-minded students via Zoom when you’re ready to embrace, walk, and meditate.

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Tango Zen Workshop

Tango Zen workshop offers an opportunity to learn to  practice Tango Zen face-to-face near your place.

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Zoom class w John and Ria.jpg

Pair Tango Zen Sessions

You walk with your partner while listening to music together, and feel.

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One-on-One Guidance Sessions

Each of us still has so much to learn about life, but sometimes you may just want a little more personal guidance.


Simple ways to
start Tango Zen.

Are you looking to get started with walking dance meditation, or perhaps you want to learn more about the practice? Then our free eBook is perfect for you.
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