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Buenos Aires, Old Friends, and the Energy of Tango, 04/21/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Buenos Aires, Old Friends, and the Energy of Tango

It's been almost two weeks since I returned from Buenos Aires, but the memories and experiences still have me buzzing with excitement.

I can't stop thinking about my old friends who welcomed me back with open arms, and the unexpected attention I received from fans who asked for autographs and compliments on my Tango Zen workshops and classes from over twelve years ago.

But the biggest surprise came from the milongueras and experienced dancers who approached me in a rather direct manner, inviting me to dance.

As I was finishing a tanda with my friend at the Abasto Hotel milonga, a lady grabbed my wrist and looked straight into my eyes saying, “Quiero bailar con vos!” I was taken aback but also flattered, as I had seen her before at my favorite milonga, Entre Tango y Tango at La Leonesa, but never had the chance to cabeceo her.

I immediately accepted her invitation and was blown away by her strong presence, excellent body control, and fluent musicality which must have been honed over more than sixty years of practice.

When the tanda was over, she told me, “Vos bailas bien.” I couldn't help but feel proud of myself. But the experience left me wondering why these experienced dancers had such a strong desire to dance with me.

A Porteña friend told me that she noticed a change in me - that I seemed more centered than before. It got me thinking that maybe the amount of dancing you do isn't the only factor in your growth as a dancer. For instance, I didn't dance as much during my 11 years in Europe compared to my four years in Buenos Aires, but I may have matured in other ways as a tango dancer. The fact that experienced dancers wanted to dance with me may be a sign that they recognized that growth, and it felt really validating!

Maybe the difference can be attributed to the energy exercise method that I have been practicing for the last six months or so. In fact, I invented this method and plan to share it with anyone interested in the near future, as I believe it has contributed to my growth as a tango dancer.

I can't wait to see what my next experience in Buenos Aires will be like when I return in November.

In the video clip, with Susana Mirosmik at milonga El Maipú at Lo De Celia

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