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Tango Journey Dialogue

7 y 8 de MARZO,

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Tango Journey Dialogue:

A Path to Deep Connection and

Emotional Expression. 

Are you a Tango enthusiast seeking to delve deeper into the soulful essence of this captivating dance? Then join us for Tango Journey Dialogue, an enriching experience designed to transform your understanding of Tango beyond the dance floor.

In Tango Journey Dialogue, we offer a unique opportunity to delve into Tango's rich emotional landscape. Through our expertly facilitated dialogue sessions on Zoom, you will embark on a journey to discover Tango as a profound language of connection and a path to self-discovery and personal growth.

Chan Park, an experienced dialogue facilitator and former NASA engineer, is recognized for leading Diversity Dialogue sessions.


Author of "Tango Zen" and director of "Tango Your Life," he's acclaimed in the global tango community.


With expertise in patent law and engineering, Chan also excels as a lecturer and walking meditation coach.

The Dialogue Facilitator



Discover the Benefits of
Tango Journey Dialogue

Join Tango Journey Dialogue for a New Tango Experience!

Tango Journey Dialogue is all about getting to know Tango better. We're not just talking about steps and moves – it's about feeling the music, connecting with others, and expressing yourself.

Here's what you'll get from joining us:

  1. You'll see Tango in a whole new way – it's not just a dance but a way to express feelings and connect with different cultures.

  2. Learn how to communicate better, not just with words but with your movements and emotions.

  3. Share stories and learn from other Tango lovers. It's a great chance to make new friends who love Tango as much as you do.

  4. Be part of a friendly group where everyone supports and learns from each other.

Don't miss out on being part of this new Tango adventure! We only have a few spots, so sign up quickly and start exploring Tango like never before. Join us now and take the first step to a deeper Tango journey!

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Topics, Format, and
Ground Rules


The dialogue sessions will cover the following areas:
  1. The Essence of Tango: Walk, Basic Movements, and Embrace

  2. Non-Verbal Communication in Tango: Communicating Without Words and the Power of Embrace

  3. Musicality in Tango: Feeling the Music and Its Sensual Rhythms

  4. Dancing with Energy: Movement, Energy Flow, and Emotional Expression

  5. The Dynamics of balance: Leading, Following, and Surrender

  6. Understanding Códigos

  7. Simplicity and Harmony: The Beauty of Minimalism in Tango Movements

  8. Personal Fulfillment in Tango: Dancing for Pleasure and Creative Expression

  9. Learning from Every Step: Transforming Mistakes and The Art of Pause

  10. Self-Expression and Discovery: Finding Your Unique Tango Style

  11. The Continuous Journey of Tango: Exploration and No Final Destination

  12. Tango as a Path to Self-Discovery and Personal Growth

  13. Incorporating Tango in Daily Life: Creativity, Confidence, and Passion

  14. and more




  • Each session will host up to 20 participants.

  • Sessions will be held bi-weekly, each lasting 90 minutes.

  • Facilitators will guide the discussions and activities, ensuring adherence to the ground rules.



Ground Rules
To ensure a respectful and productive environment during Tango Journey Dialogue sessions, the following ground rules will be established:

  • Maintain an open and respectful attitude;

  • Be sensitive to the experiences and perspectives of others;

  • Ensure confidentiality of shared stories and experiences;

  • Avoid attributing statements to individuals outside the session;

  • Actively participate through sharing, listening, and encouraging others.

Date and Time

Wednesday, 7:00 PM CET (GMT +1)

The starting date will be announced soon.



Zoom, the link will be sent to you upon sign-up


Tango Journey Dialogue

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