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Tango Zen Workshop

The workshop participants will learn to enjoy dancing Tango by practicing a series of simple yet challenging exercises developed based on basic movements of Argentine Tango, martial arts and the principle of Zen.  The workshop has been conducted in more than 24 countries since 2005.

The workshop objectives are:

  • The participants learn the basis of the traditional tango 

  • The participants understand the connection among body, awareness, movement and stillness 

  • Dancers deepen their body awareness and understand the beauty of the beginner’s mind 


Major emphasis will be placed on bodily discipline, listening to music, establishing and maintaining a meaningful embrace, and sharing inspirations with a partner connected through an embrace while walking together in unison


Schedule of Tango Zen classes:

  • Each class may consist of Individual, Pair, and Group exercises or a combination thereof; 

  • Each class expects minimum 10 participants;

  • Class can be arranged as a half day or a full day; 

  • Also available for a weekend or week-long retreats;

  • Private coaching sessions can be arranged upon request.


Currently, we're offering the following Tango Zen Workshops on Zoom:

  1. Saturday, February 12th – Sunday, February, 13th 2022 Details>>

  2. Saturday, April 9th – Sunday, April, 10th 2022 Details>>


Tango Zen workshop can be arranged to meet your needs. If you would like to discuss possibilities of hosting a workshop in your area, please contact us at tangozen <at>

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