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Tango is pleasure

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Tango is pleasure.

Tango is often viewed as a complex dance with endless steps to learn, leading many dancers to feel frustrated and overwhelmed. However, I believe that at its core, tango is about pleasure and enjoyment.

As a tango dancer, I have come to realize that the most fulfilling dances I have experienced were not the ones where I executed a perfect sequence of steps, but the ones where I truly let go and danced with pleasure.

When you let go of the pressure to perform perfectly and instead focus on the joy of dancing, you will find that your body and mind become more relaxed. You will begin to feel the music and the connection with your partner more deeply, allowing for a truly pleasurable dance experience.

So, if you're feeling frustrated with your progress in learning endless steps, take a step back and remind yourself that tango is not just about the steps. It's about connecting with your partner and the music in a way that brings you pleasure.

Instead of focusing solely on mastering each new step, try to approach each dance with an open heart and a desire to enjoy the moment. Let the music guide you and let yourself feel the pleasure that comes from connecting with your partner on the dance floor.

Remember, tango is pleasure. Embrace the joy of the dance, and the steps will come naturally.

Tango Zen

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