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Tango’s Triad: Musicality, Sensibility, Sensuality, 08/01/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Tango’s Triad: Musicality, Sensibility, Sensuality

Think of economics as a study of how individuals utilize limited resources - time, money, skills - to maximize returns like wealth, satisfaction, or well-being. It's about balancing needs and wants against what's available.

This concept extends to my personal 'tango economics'. It's not about monetary gain, but about maximizing life's pleasures. I often find myself asking, “Why do I travel to Buenos Aires as frequently as possible?” Logically, it doesn't make economic sense - the 18+ hour flight from Europe and the month-long apartment rentals aren't cheap.

But three essential qualities draw me: the musicality, sensibility, and sensuality of Buenos Aires dancers, apart from other cultural and friendship aspects.

First, music is ingrained in their being - it's an integral part of their upbringing. So, when I step onto the milonga floor, I can almost tangibly feel the energy surge. As I embrace my partner, the music resonates through her and becomes a shared, intimate experience.

The emphasis here is on feeling. Dancers here dance to feel, and the emotion is palpable. We embrace, walk, and listen to music together to share these feelings, our smiles during breaks in the tanda preserving the emotion till the next embrace.

In Buenos Aires, dancers prioritize enjoyment. Their dance culture differs from that of Europe or North America. Many first-time visitors notice the simplicity of the dance here, saying, "They don’t do anything, just embrace and walk." But that's exactly it - they dance not to perform, but to savor the moment.

When partners resonate in musicality, sensibility, and sensuality, the pleasure of dancing multiplies exponentially.

To heighten your tango dancing pleasure, whether in Buenos Aires or elsewhere, remember these three elements. Listen to the music repeatedly, even if you don't understand the lyrics. Surrender to the moment, feel yourself, your partner, and your surroundings. And always remind yourself that dance is about pleasure, not work, sport, or acrobatics.

Dance more to enjoy more.

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