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Milonga Memories: A Night of Soulful Connections at Milonga Remembranzas, 08/12/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Milonga Memories: A Night of Soulful Connections at Milonga Remembranzas

Last night's Milonga Remembranzas, hosted by Norma Avalos and Jonatan Rojas at Lo de Celia, was like a joyful party that warmed my heart. It was bubbling with joy, love, and the kind of energy that makes you feel alive.

Among the whirl of dances and smiles, I found myself reconnected with friends from long ago. Dancing with lady N was like stepping back in time 13 years. I remembered her vibrant energy and dazzling smile. But this time, our embrace was touched with a bit of sadness. She seemed fragile and didn't recognize me. Time changes everything, doesn't it?

I was overjoyed to see gentleman C again, though it pained me to notice his limp. And sharing the dance floor with lady M, a fellow lover of Buenos Aires from Brazil, was like dancing with an old friend. We just clicked, and I'm already excited to see her again in November.

A kind gentleman asked me to dance a vals tanda with his wife. We danced away with the beautiful tanda, and I learned that her husband was nursing a painful knee. I thanked her with all my heart for that beautiful dance.

Oh, and let's not forget dancing with the two Marias! As usual, we sang and hummed together, wrapped in the sheer joy of the music. Our connection went beyond mere steps; it was a beautiful, shared experience that resonated deeply with our souls.

And so the night danced on, and a thought twirled through my mind: "I danced my brain out at the milonga." And you know what? I loved every moment of it.

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