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A Night of Warmth: Embracing La Milonga de Lucy, 08/15/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

A Night of Warmth: Embracing La Milonga de Lucy

Last night's gathering at La Milonga de Lucy at Gricel was such a delight. There's something about the familial and friendly ambiance of her milonga that warms my heart. Lucy's exuberant greeting of "Amor!" whenever I arrive never fails to put a smile on my face.

Navigating the milonga had its amusing moments - I had a couple of cabeceo mix-ups. In one instance, I invited a lady to dance, only to have a different lady step forward. In another, as I approached a lady's table, another gentleman did the same. His quick detour to the restroom saved the situation. In both cases, we simply said, “Nada pasó” and carried on dancing.

During one tanda, my dance partner graciously shared the essence of the songs we were dancing to. Phrases like “Before I leave you, I'll give you one last kiss,” or “I can't change; I'm a true milonguero” had me laughing and saying, “That's so classic and fun!”

One of my favorite moments at milongas is the sheer delight of watching others dance. It boils down to the basics: embracing, walking, and immersing oneself in the music, sharing its emotions. Rarely does anyone attempt elaborate steps. Golcadas or volcadas are seldom seen, and voleos aren't favored.

Watching Coca dance tonight was a real treat; her presence in the moment was apparent!

But, above all, the milonga is about community. The numerous warm greetings from fellow dancers always touch my heart.

While I recognize many faces, it dawned on me that they too see me as part of this wonderful tango family. Their embraces and handshakes make me feel as though we're on this delightful journey, enjoying life and aging gracefully together.

La Milonga de Lucy 18:00 to 1:00 Nuevo Gricel, La Rioja 1180 CABA

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