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Tango my Life - August 22, 2023

"Groundedness in tango? What's that?" I've been asked this countless times during my Tango Zen workshops.

In tango, "groundedness" isn't just a fancy term. It signifies a dancer's deep connection—both physically and emotionally—to the floor and their partner. It embodies stability, balance, and the essence of being present in every dance move.

During a recent coffee catch-up, Susana Miller noted, “Many dancers focus so much on their upper body that they lose their connection to the ground, leading to imbalance.”

Nodding, I shared, "Exactly, Susana. In my workshop, I introduce exercises to enhance this groundedness, helping dancers draw chi, or life energy, from the earth into their movements."

This chi, rooted in Chinese medicine, harmonizes our body and soul. By grounding ourselves, we tap into this energy, ensuring balance and fluidity in our dance.

Want to get started? Try walking barefoot on soil or grass daily. You'll soon find greater balance in your tango and an uplifted spirit.

Give it a try and let me know how it feels!

Tango Zen

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