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"Here comes the sound of the universe!", 12/05/2023

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

"Here comes the sound of the universe!"

Many ask if all our workshops are the same. For instance, we offered the Tango Meditation Workshop in Buenos Aires in November 2023 with two weekends apart. Are they identical in content? Well, my answer is both yes and no.

Yes, because the ultimate goal remains the same – to help participants understand and deepen their tango journey. However, the content adapts and evolves, tailored to the unique group of participants, improvising to meet their needs.

As I shared in my previous post,, the heart of these workshops lies in connecting with something invisible, both physically and energetically. In the context of tango, this means exploring the concept of "dancing tango with heart."

Another common question is how I develop the content for each workshop. I find joy in the creative process, and it's based on three pillars: Intuition, Innovation, and Improvisation.

My intuition, honed over years of dancing experience, guides me in crafting exercises and presentations. In fact, many workshop exercises have been invented and fine-tuned over two decades. Have you heard of “dancing tango with tango angels” or “chakra exercises with infinity signs”?

During the latest workshop, I cherished being present with participants, improvising together to reach our shared goals. For instance, one exercise involved walking to each other's heartbeats, extending the concept of connection beyond ourselves.

Next, I introduced a twist! I informed participants that we would walk to the sound of the universe. Their curiosity and anticipation built tension.

"Here comes the sound of the universe!" I declared and played a piece by Canaro.

Their hearts leap with joy, and laughter fills the room as we walk to the rhythm of the universe. This moment of connecting our hearts with the universe will forever be etched in my memory.

This incident occurred during the latest Tango Meditation Workshop, a testament to the dynamic and ever-evolving nature of these workshops. As we explored the depths of tango and connection, we were reminded that the universe is always speaking to us, waiting for us to open our hearts and listen.

Enjoy your dancing,


Source: Siempre Unidos by Francisco Canaro and sung by Roberto Maida

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