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A Tango Zen Journey: Reconnecting with Past in Kassel , 06/06/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

A Tango Zen Journey: Reconnecting with Past in Kassel

Over the weekend, my trip to Kassel for a dance event turned into a moment of reflection and pride as I revisited my past contributions to the world of tango.

I had the pleasure of attending the “XII. ronda del querer” encuentro, organized by Susanne and Amir. This dynamic duo had previously organized my Tango Zen workshops and graciously extended an invitation to me for this event. It was a heartwarming moment to learn that my workshops had inspired them to initiate this event twelve years ago. I was thrilled to witness its success and discuss possibilities for future Tango Zen workshops.

The highlight of the event was reconnecting with Celine and Markus, two DJs who had previously attended my workshop. Their stories of how the Tango Zen workshop laid a profound foundation for their tango journey filled me with immense pride and satisfaction.

I was equally moved when Felicia, a dancer I partnered with for the first time, recalled her Tango Zen experience from fifteen years ago in Brighton, UK. Her embrace evoked nostalgic memories of Buenos Aires.

It's always been a curiosity of mine to know how past Tango Zen participants are doing now. Last weekend provided some comforting answers, reinforcing the pride I feel for my contribution to the tango community and humanity at large.

For anyone interested, I recommend Susanne and Amir’s upcoming XIII. ronda del querer 03.-05.11.2023. You can find more details here:

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