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Experience the Pulse of Buenos Aires, 11/09/2023

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Experience the Pulse of Buenos Aires

Life in Buenos Aires is a tapestry woven with threads of joy, surprise, challenges, and sometimes, sadness.

This week, life's fragile dance hit close to home. At Milonga de Lo de Lucy, a fellow dancer's presence left a lasting impression with his humor and warmth, only for me to learn of his passing the very next day. We hadn't even shared names, yet his memory lingers.

Adventure found me in San Telmo, not on the dance floor. Two cunning individuals attempted to swipe my backpack under the guise of cleaning a dirty liquid they had spilled on me. Their ruse failed as I deterred them with a scream and an umbrella raised in mock defense.

The milongas are surprisingly bustling, brimming with enthusiastic dancers. My friends often remark, “Yes, there are many foreigners,” as if my time away has reshaped my identity on these familiar dance floors.

Dancing brings forth its own language of appreciation. The affirmations from friends are always heartening, echoing sentiments like “You dance well” or “You dance just like us.” But it’s the unexpected commendations that resonate deeper, such as when a revered dancer from the community approaches to offer, “You have good cadencia when you dance.” It’s these moments that elevate the experience.

The joy of dance was recently captured in a clip with Claudia Lorenzo, graciously filmed by Ursula Tango at Lo de Lucy at Gricel. Having admired her expressive milonga with Julian Sanchez, I invited her for a dance, hoping to share a smile as bright as hers. Did she smile?

With each step, Buenos Aires continues to dance to the beat of life.



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