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A Homecoming to Cachirulo, 11/29/2023

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

A Homecoming to Cachirulo

Last night, I embarked on another emotional dance adventure at the iconic Cachirulo milonga, where I had the pleasure of reconnecting with familiar faces and exchanging warm greetings with the organizers.

The photo attached to this post captures a cherished memory from my days at Cachirulo. On March 29, 2011, upon the invitation of Norma and Hector, I had the honor and humility of performing for my tango friends at El Beso, the very same location. If you're curious to relive that moment, check out the dance here:

Reflecting on this photo, it dawned on me why Norma Hector didn't recognize me upon my return in March this year. After an 11-year absence, I must have appeared like a total stranger, especially without my mustache and with less hair.

Thankfully, this time around, Norma and Hector greeted me with warm embraces and kisses. Hector, with his usual inquisitive nature, inquired about my continued filmmaking endeavors.

I was thrilled to reunite and reminisce with my old Cachirulo friends. Sitting beside me, Javier and I engaged in a brief conversation about our last encounter at the encuentro Impruneta in Italy back in 2013. Yoon, a close tango companion since our first meeting at my workshop in Seoul in 2002, has become a seasoned member of the Cachirulo community, having resided in Buenos Aires for the past 15 years.

Witnessing Raul Cabral's masterful dance again was a delight. And then there was Lady M, who gently jogged my memory of our past dances – she's still dancing four times a week! Talk about tango dedication, another classic Buenos Aires moment.

As expected, the dance floor was abuzz with new and dynamic dancers. Their distinctive styles and adherence to the codigos, or tango etiquette, were evident.

Hector, as always, ran a tight ship with his trademark humor. I couldn't help but chuckle when he playfully demanded a re-do of a lukewarm kiss from a shy lady. And watching him command the guys to hit the dance floor with his drill-sergeant vibe brought a grin to my face.

Returning to Cachirulo, my former tango haven, was an emotional journey. It not only rekindled old connections but also dispelled any awkwardness I felt about the organizers' lack of recognition during my previous visit in March.

As I bid farewell to the milonga, I carried with me a renewed appreciation for the enduring spirit of Cachirulo, a place where tango traditions are cherished and friendships are rekindled.

Hasta pronto, Cachirulo!


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