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Practicing tango embrace

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

The tango embrace is a key element of tango dancing, and is characterized by a close connection and physical contact between the two dance partners.

How can I practice the tango embrace?

Here are some tips for practicing the tango embrace:

Find a partner: It's best to practice the tango embrace with a partner to get a feel for the physical connection and communication involved in the dance. If you don't have a dance partner, you can practice the embrace with a pillow or other soft object.

Start with a basic embrace: Begin by standing facing your partner, with your left hand on their right shoulder blade and your right hand on their left shoulder blade. You should be standing close enough that your chests are touching.

Experiment with different levels of embrace: As you practice, try experimenting with different levels of embrace, from a more relaxed embrace to a more intense one. Pay attention to how your partner responds to the different levels of embrace, and communicate with them about what feels comfortable


Practice leading and following: The tango embrace involves both leading and following, so it's important to practice both roles. Take turns leading and following each other as you practice the embrace, paying attention to how you communicate with each other and how you move together.

Practice with different music: Tango music can vary in tempo and style, so it's important to practice the embrace with a variety of different music. This will help you develop a feel for the different types of embrace that work best with different types of music.

The best way to practice the tango embrace is to get out on the dance floor and start dancing! As you practice, pay attention to how you and your partner move and communicate, and try to develop a natural and comfortable connection.

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