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Tango Is Embrace

Updated: Apr 12, 2023

How to get better at tango embrace The tango embrace is one of the most important parts of tango dancing. It involves close physical contact between the two dance partners.

Many dancers call the tango embrace "The Heart of the Dance" because the dancers hold each other close and press their chests together.

Here are some ways to improve your tango embrace skills:

❤️ Focus on getting to know your dance partner and building trust. Practice dancing with the same partner over and over again to learn how to move and talk with each other better.

❤️ Pay attention to how your partner moves, and use the embrace as a way to talk and figure out what to do next.

❤️ Practice keeping close physical contact with your partner while dancing, and try to create a feeling of closeness and connection with them.

❤️Remember that the tango embrace is a unique and important part of tango dancing that adds depth and emotion to the dance and requires trust and connection between the dance partners.

DM me if you want to learn how to improve your tango embrace.

Tango Zen

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