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Tango teaches us to embrace change and flow with the music

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Tango is a way of life, not just a dance. Tango is beautiful because it can teach us important life lessons, like how to accept change and move with the music. When we dance the tango, we learn to let go of our fears and be in the moment. It's a dance that requires us to be fully present in body and mind and to move gracefully and fluidly to the music.

In the same way, life is full of changes and challenges that require us to be flexible and open to new things. We sometimes try to stop these changes from happening, but tango shows us that this only leads to frustration and staying in the same place. We can instead learn to accept change and go with the flow, like when we dance the tango.

Tango music has a strong pull that pulls us in and takes us on a journey. It affects us emotionally and physically, and it requires us to be in sync with our partner and with the music itself. In this way, tango teaches us, both on and off the dance floor, how important it is to connect and talk to each other. It teaches us how to listen, be present, and respond with respect and sensitivity.

So, let's keep in mind that the tango isn't just a dance. It's a practice that can make us better dancers and better people in general. Let's accept change and move with the music, and let the beauty of tango enrich our lives in every way.

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