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Heartbeats and Harmonies at Abasto Hotel Milonga, 03/12/2023

Updated: Oct 5

Heartbeats and Harmonies at Abasto Hotel Milonga

Last night at the Milonga at Abasto Hotel* was a memorable experience for me. As soon as I walked in, I was filled with joy at the sight of my favorite dancers. They are not just my dance partners, but also friends who have listened to my life and family stories.

I must say that the Milonga at Abasto Hotel is a great milonga, which has all four elements that I consider crucial: a good place, skillful and welcoming organizers, mindful dancers, and an experienced and dancer-minded DJ.

Dancing with my favorite partners was pure joy. As soon as we embraced each other, our pleasure amplified beyond my imagination. Despite an 11-year break, we quickly resonated with each other, moving to the music we both love. We even exchanged stories and jokes that we had left off more than a decade ago. It was so much fun!

I feel so lucky to have danced with my favorite dancers, and I already know which milongas to attend to see them again. It's selfish, I know, but I want to maximize my dancing pleasure before I leave Buenos Aires in a month.

I am grateful for the experience and can't wait for what's to come.

*Milonga de Buenos Aires, Oblesco Tango @ Abasto Hotel, Corrientes 3190 Organizer: Carlos Callego DJ: Vivi De Falce & Dany Boirelli

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