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Harmonizing Tango and Meditation: A Dance of Mindful Connection, 08/29/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Harmonizing Tango and Meditation: A Dance of Mindful Connection

It's been about more than a week since I got back from my unexpected three-week adventure in Buenos Aires, and I'm still buzzing from the experience.

I landed on July 24th and couldn't wait to dive right into the scene. That evening, I found myself at Lucy’s milonga at Gricel. Big shoutout to Lucy for spreading the word about my upcoming Tango Meditation Workshop in November! And yes, I heard some playful eye rolls in the background – all in good fun!

So, some exciting news! The Tango Zen project was making waves, with a feature in a major Buenos Aires news outlet. Plus, three milongas mentioned the workshop, and I even got a chance to share a bit about it during a Folklore workshop I attended.

It's heartwarming to see the shift in how the tango community perceives me, especially among the gents. And to all the ladies who've danced with me and shown interest in merging tango and meditation – thank you!

Now, I’d like to take this opportunity to share my tango-meditation blend in the simplest way I can.

At its core, meditation is about training our minds to find clarity, calmness, and focus. It's a way to forge a deep connection, much like the bond two tango dancers share on the dance floor.

When we dance, we synchronize with our partner, tuning in to their energy and movements. This mirrored connection we feel in tango is very similar to the alignment one achieves in meditation – aligning our inner selves with the rhythm and energy of the universe.

Simply put, meditation is all about CONNECTION, much like the connection we tango dancers always experience while dancing.

So, as you glide across the dance floor, let the essence of tango-meditation guide you, deepening your connection not just with your partner, but with the universe.

Keep dancing, my friends!

I'd love to hear about your tango meditation experiences in the comments.


Sources: Music - El Flete by Juan D'Arienzo and his orchestra Video -,

Sergio Scandiuzzi, Michel Robert, Hildegard Sigg, Angelo Briccone

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