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🌟 Zen or Meditation?, 07/11/2023 🌟

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Zen or Meditation?

Last week, I excitedly announced my upcoming project, the "Tango Meditation Workshop in Buenos Aires," scheduled for November 2023. Since then, some dear friends have shared their thoughts on the change of the workshop title. Instead of "Tango Zen," they suggested "Tango Meditation."

From a technical standpoint, Zen encompasses meditation, including practices like "Zazen," or "seated meditation," which hold a central place in Zen philosophy. In Tango Zen, we embrace the concept of a walking dance meditation. While meditation is a vital component of Zen, it goes beyond just meditation.

Similarly, "Tango Zen" integrates Zen principles into tango, focusing on authentic experience and connection. On the other hand, "Tango Meditation" highlights the meditative aspects of tango, incorporating techniques to cultivate tranquility. Both approaches strive to enhance the tango experience with mindfulness, although their emphasis differs based on Zen or meditation principles.

Putting technicalities aside, I found my friends' perspective intriguing. They mentioned that "Tango Meditation" resonates more with them and their friends, creating a sense of acceptance and friendliness. As I am always eager to connect and communicate effectively with my audience, it's fascinating to see how a single word can make a significant difference.

If you're curious about the Workshop's details, please visit the Tango Zen website:

Thank you for your continued support and valuable feedback! Let's keep dancing and exploring the beauty of tango together.

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