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Looks the same, but..., 06/27/2023

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Looks the same, but...

Last week, Facebook reminded me of a video clip I uploaded 13 years ago. I've been watching it several times since then, reflecting on how my dancing has evolved.

In the clip, I danced with Christine at the end of a Tango Zen workshop I held in Riga, Latvia 14 years ago. Meeting her at a milonga at the Confiteria La Ideal was a coincidental moment. Since she resides in Europe, I invited her to assist me with the workshop, and she graciously accepted.

Like many tango dancers, we have a special affinity for dancing to Canaro's Poema. Over the years, I've used this clip to gauge my progress in tango.

Recently, Christine and I started our own dance sessions, spending time together, sharing tandas, and discussing tango for about a week. Interestingly, we always end our last tanda with Poema.

During our last dance with Poema, I took the opportunity to observe our movements. Externally, they appeared unchanged, but internally, everything felt different. We danced with heightened emotions and a profound connection to each other and the music.

Now, we've taken on a new adventure: dancing to Pugliese. It's a bold undertaking, but we eagerly embrace it with enthusiasm and fervor.

Stay tuned for more tango adventures!

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