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Reflections and Insights…, 11/24/2023

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

Reflections and Insights…

Last night was unexpectedly rewarding, filled with insightful feedback from three friends in the tango community.

Nieves shared her thoughts on my tango evolution. We've been dancing partners since 2008, with a gap during my 11-year absence. Her strength and grounded nature have always been memorable. She observed that I've developed my own style. For instance, despite her slender frame, I can feel her intense energy. Dancing with Nieve brings out a stark intensity in my movements, a dance of contrasts, and it's easy for me to get into the zone. I shared with her that it's this intensity with certain partners in Buenos Aires that keeps bringing me back.

Z, a fellow dancer from a Northern European country, candidly advised me to refrain from labeling certain milongas as my favorites. His point was clear - such endorsements often attract more foreign dancers, changing the traditional dynamics. Like him, I cherish the authentic tango experience. It's a complex issue to balance tradition with an influx of new enthusiasts.

Lucía, the organizer of Milonga Lujos at El Beso, surprised me by voicing her support for my advocacy of the 4-song tanda. I expressed my deep commitment to helping preserve tango traditions. Many of us foreigners are here not just to dance but to immerse ourselves in the culture that is an integral part of our tango journey. Any dilution of this culture would be disheartening.

The key takeaway from last night? It's heartening to know my writings resonate with others, fueling my passion to continue my tango journey, not only through dance but by sharing my experiences and thoughts.

On another note, the Tango Meditation Workshop is happening this weekend. If you're in Buenos Aires and curious about exploring new dimensions in tango, I invite you to join us. Spaces are filling up fast, so please send me a PM if you're up for this enriching experience.

Wishing everyone a weekend filled with meaningful dances.


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