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“Placer enorme!”, 11/30/2023

Updated: Dec 23, 2023

“Placer enorme!”

Last night, I was gifted with a dance experience that left me breathless yet yearning for more. It was a reunion with a tango partner, Lady Z, who I first encountered during my initial visit to Buenos Aires' vibrant tango scene in March this year.

Flashback to my first Buenos Aires visit in March. At Milonga de Lo de Lucy at Gricel, as the evening was winding down, Lady Z made a beeline to me and declared, “Quiero bailar con vos.” I had been eyeing her from afar, never quite catching her attention. So, I playfully responded, “Mirame, y bailamos la próxima vez,” gesturing to my eyes. She smiled and left.

Fast forward, and we found out we’re quite the pair on the dance floor. At every milonga, we’d end up dancing at least four tandas, each more intense than the last.

Despite post-workshop fatigue, I ventured to Milonga Abasto, hoping to dance with her. She wasn't there—such is life.

Our meetings are spontaneous; in fact, I only recently asked her name. But really, does it matter?

Last night, at Milonga de El Rodriguez, after our first tanda, I was so moved that I exclaimed, “Placer enorme!” To which she replied, “Igualmente,” her smile genuine. Naturally, three more tandas followed before I called it a night.

So, there I was, openly expressing, “It was an enormous pleasure to dance with you!”

I pondered, “Where else could I freely voice my joy in dancing?” It's not just about language; it's about culture too. As I've shared before (, some ladies here in Buenos Aires indulge my intense dancing and even encourage expressing emotions verbally. That's quite special.

Speaking from my multicultural background in Korea, the USA, Argentina, Switzerland, and Germany, this openness feels unique. Like that time in Buenos Aires when a dance partner playfully scolded me mid-tanda for not complimenting her new dress and hairstyle. Or when another partner mentioned her recent breakup, and I cheekily asked, “So, do I have my chance to replace him, finally?” Spoiler: She said no!

These exchanges of jokes and humor with tango friends create a closeness that's hard to find elsewhere. Isn’t this culture unique?

I invite you to share your thoughts. Have you experienced such candid conversations in milongas in your country?

May your dance floors be filled with joy, connection, and the freedom to express yourselves without inhibition.

Embrace the tango spirit,


Source: Dance with Marta Famá, recorded by Maximiliano Casa at Milonga El Rodriguez

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