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Tango My Life, October 24, 2023

Tango Your Life: An invitation to Dance with Heart

When "Tango Your Life" premiered in 2012, I received countless queries about my motivation behind the film, especially considering I hadn't ventured into filmmaking before.

The only reason I can think of is that I was and am obsessed with tango.

An obsession can be interpreted in many ways. One definition is "a passion or excessive enthusiasm for something or someone."

This obsession compelled me to make some daring life choices. I left a promising career as a NASA engineer behind and dove deep into the vibrant tango world of Buenos Aires. Over four years, every day was a dance, allowing me to sink further into the depths and allure of tango.

Fuelled by my obsession, I felt a need to capture the essence of tango on film. Admittedly, some of my tango friends in Buenos Aires were skeptical at first, unsure if the true spirit of tango could be bottled into a movie. But I persevered. After two and a half years of dedicated filming, learning, and promotion, I successfully brought to life my vision of portraying the heartfelt spirit of the dance.

Here's what makes "Tango Your Life" stand out among other tango films:

* An authentic glimpse into dancers' experiences in milongas. * Prioritizing the tales of everyday dancers over the big names. * Sharing raw, captivating stories from milongas. * Emphasizing the global reach of tango, its contrast with practices like meditation, and its influence across borders. * Becoming a cherished memory book, celebrating tango aficionados who've imparted their decades of wisdom and experience.

If it hasn't graced your screen yet, I warmly invite you to indulge in the film. I'm confident it will resonate deeply, rekindling your own passion with the dance.

Immerse in "Tango Your Life" here:

Y sumérgete en "La Vida en Tango" aquí:

Post-viewing, I'd love for you to share your reflections, feelings, and any tango-centric moments it brings to mind.

Enjoy every beat,



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