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Chop wood, carry water. 🪓 🪣- Zen Proverb

While it's tempting to endlessly watch tango videos online, hoping to grasp the art's every nuance, it's vital to recognize that genuine growth is an inner journey.

Think about this: Each stride you take daily can enhance your tango. Cleaning your space? It's a chance to hone your rhythm. Every daily task, no matter how ordinary, molds the soul of your dance.

Rather than only observing others, delve into your daily routines. Engage in them mindfully, observing their potential to elevate your dance. By embracing the essence of "chop wood, carry water," you nurture a profound bond with yourself and the world.

Tango transcends mere steps and techniques. It's a vibrant dialogue with the self and fellow dancers. Keep embracing life's simple tasks, and watch as your tango unfolds beautifully.

Tango Zen

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