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Life is not linear, nor is tango.

Maria's goal in life was to perfect her tango dancing skills. She attended classes regularly and diligently worked on her technique and learned new steps.

But no matter how much she learned, she never felt fulfilled. She couldn't understand why, despite her skill, she never felt the true essence of tango - the connection, the emotion, the music.

One day, after a particularly frustrating practice session, María met an older couple at a milonga. They had been dancing tango for over 50 years and their movements were effortless and elegant.

They didn't do any fancy footwork or spins, which was something Maria picked up on as they danced. Instead, they gave in to the embrace and moved in time with the music.

When the tanda was over, Mara approached the couple and inquired about their dancing technique. The woman smiled and said, "My dear, we learned that life is not linear, nor is tango. It's not about how many steps you know or how many figures you can perform. It's about the connection you have with your partner, the emotions you feel, and the music that moves you."

The couple's words had a profound impact on Mara. The more steps and figures she understood, she reasoned, the better she would be, but now she saw that this was a mistake. Yet, she completely missed the point.

From that day forward, María started to dance with her heart, focusing on the emotions, music, and connection rather than just the steps. And she finally found the true essence of tango.

Tango Zen

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