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Tango is more about being than doing

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

☯ Tango is a beautiful and intimate dance that is characterized by close embraces and a focus on musicality and connection with the partner. When dancing tango, it's not just about the steps, but also about how the dancers connect with the music. This is why the phrase "Tango is more about being than doing" is so important.

🕉 When you dance tango, you should focus on being in the moment, feeling the music, and connecting with your partner. This means letting go of any worries or things that are getting in the way and just being in the moment and enjoying the dance. When you focus on being, you can really get into the dance and connect more deeply with your partner.

🕉 This idea of "being rather than doing" is at the heart of Tango Zen, a philosophy that combines the ideas of tango and Zen Buddhism. Tango Zen stresses how important it is to be aware and in the moment, which is important for a good tango dance. It also helps people communicate and work together, which are very important in tango.

🕉 By incorporating the principles of Tango Zen into your tango experience, you can enhance your overall enjoyment of the dance. You'll be more present, focused, and in tune with your partner, allowing for a deeper connection and a more enjoyable experience. So if you want to take your tango experience to the next level, consider incorporating Tango Zen into your dance practice.

☎️ DM me if you want to learn how to enhance your overall enjoyment of the dance.

Tango Zen

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