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Practice to Dance with Heart

To me, "Dancing with heart" is a profound experience of oneness. It's about connecting with everything around me – my own being, my dance partner, the fellow dancers on the floor, the enchanting music, and the vibrant atmosphere of the place. It's a beautiful harmony that transcends the physical and dives deep into the soul.

Ready to take your tango dancing to the next level? Here are some exciting exercises to help you dance with more passion and connection:

1. Tune in to the music: Start by really listening to the tango music. Let the catchy beats and beautiful melodies capture your attention and inspire your moves.

2. Feel the rhythm in your heart: Close your eyes and let the music fill your soul. Feel the rhythm flowing through you, guiding your steps and adding an extra spark to your dance.

3. Connect with your dance partner: Pay attention to your partner's movements. Try to feel the music through their body, creating a magical connection that makes your dance even more special.

4. Keep the groove alive: Throughout the dance, stay connected to the music and your partner. Let the rhythm carry you, and enjoy every moment on the dance floor.

So, gather your dance partner and give these exercises a go. Get ready to experience the joy and excitement of tango dancing like never before!

Tango Zen

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